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It's different than some Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Philippines which, I suppose, have many races as a normal thing.

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Among the varied styles he has sucessfully experimented with are Land of Israel songs, humour, Army songs, festival music, and much more. If not mixed, then it would be those who are from Chinese descends, again because they don't look "Thai".They have paler skin, smaller eyes, smaller build, all those features that look "doll-like" and "cute".Their moms are Thai and their dads are Westerns (and don't even live with them or support them financially anymore - leading the moms to live even a worse life T_T).From where I come from, I'm a university student in Bangkok, capital city, 100% of the people around me have the same thoughts about not finding mixed race people appealing. It's very likely that the majority of people who really watch lakorns and enjoy mixed race (a.k.a "pretty faces") on TV are people from the countryside.

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