Updating sprint pcs phone

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mailto://EMAIL_ADDRESS will launch the mail program to compose a message to EMAIL_ADDRESS.On the i Phone you can enter special phone numbers to access special features or information.tel://NUMBER will pop up a dialog asking if you wish to make a cellphone call to NUMBER using the baseband.

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Many cell networks can ban stolen cellphones using this IMEI number (changing SIM cards have no effect on ban) by checking the EIR (Equipment Identity Register) database downloaded from a central server.Luckily, there are a number of ways users can increase their battery life.These simple fixes can cut back on energy usage, allowing the device to stay juiced up for much longer than normal.Mode: Field Test You will then be taken to a page providing many current information detailing your cell connection.Note that when you are in this mode, the signal strength bar on the top-left corner becomes a negative number.

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