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Now, he does it with Gawker’s role in the media in America.

Moreover, he’s able to show how the Gawker/Hogan case could have a chilling effect on media in a way I would imagine not everyone really considers.

Yes, we know: Gawker pushed past the niceties of traditional mainstream journalism, which led to good and bad things—some articles of seemingly little news value, but also powerful pieces that held public figures and institutions accountable.

Gawker is a complicated beast, but there's little doubt when you're watching this documentary about where Knappenberger stands (read: pretty much a total Gawker cheerleader).

I recently stayed in a hotel room in the Philippines that had one and I had to convince myself that the yellow netting was did feel jarring, especially since we’d been building the Gawker story up until that point—then, bam, we’re in a completely different narrative.Although it's a documentary, this is a truly funny movie with a lot of heart.The parents want what they think is best for Ravi and Ravi wants to please his parents and fit in with the extended Patel family.Nearly everyone from a certain part of India is named Patel and they're all related but they're now far removed.(Sort of like the "Smiths.") It's a super-enormous extended family with platinum-level familial rights that Patels around the world well understand. He's stuck in the middle and the parents are impatient. This film documents a real year in Ravi Patel's life and follows him as he seeks a marriage partner in the traditional Indian way, modified by American cultural tones.

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