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According to a recent report, Angelina Jolie kept her six kids from Brad Pitt on Father's Day.Sources say the actress jetted down to Africa with the children, planning the trip to coincide with the annual holiday of appreciation for their famous dad.

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This captured pretty much EVERYONE'S attention as, over a decade ago, the tabloids blamed Angie for the demise of Brad Pitt's marriage to the actress. Well, all these years later, Miz Jolie is making headlines with Pitt once again — only this time it's about HER divorce to the Hollywood hunk. Rather than pay attention to what Jennifer was saying, Angelina munched on a snack.

And like his fans, friends and loved ones, he feels he never should have broken up with Jen 12 years ago. They seem as happy as any couple in Hollywood, actually.

"Jen will always be the love of Brad’s life.” Aniston, of course, is happily married to Justin Theroux. No matter how many times you see Aniston's name connected to Pitt's, remember that moved on a very long time ago.

But while Jolie my have thought this was the perfect act of vengeance against her estranged husband, the following tabloid cover makes it clear that Pitt will get the last laugh.

Because he's trying to get back together with Jennifer Aniston!!!

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