Frog adult chat room

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According to a new study on the species, the frog is almost entirely subterranean.

It even eats underground, using a long tongue to collect ants and termites, National Geographic reports.

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And, according to the researchers, its discovery was an extremely rare feat.

Bhupathy’s purple frog has a bulbous body covered in purple skin, blue-ringed eyes, and a pig-like nose.

The tadpoles, they reveal, are quite unusual, too, as seen above.

During the monsoon season, the male purple frogs call to females from beneath the sand.She had sheared it to a military style cut which made her look much older and far more serious than I knew her to be.Still, I was struck with the dawning understanding of what the women in my life were seeing when they looked at me.Then, they mate in the streams, and leave behind their fertilized eggs, according to National Geographic.It’s not just the adult frogs that are strange in their appearance, the researchers note. Once hatched, the tadpoles use a suckerfish-like mouth to cling to the rocks behind waterfalls, according to National Geographic.

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