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d333389 : Tighten default inlining settings when using the space filter.f2ea71c : ART: Fix the simplifier for add/sub ce4b132 : ART: x86_64 Round Double/Float intrinsics should initialize out value.559b1cc : [MIPS64] JNI Compiler: Sign-extend int function arguments 71e46c1 : Fix force copy 844fb67 : ART: Fix arm32 instrumentation exit stub 0b95bf1 : Fix imt conflict trampoline for mips64 94e7c05 : Increase alt signal stack to 32K on host.2867634 : Use a flag from the verifier to know if we should compile.b7a4790 : Revert "Revert "Do not update the type of something we already know."" e7d876a : ART: Fix CFI annotation for art_quick_aput_obj a10c713 : Quick: Disable GVN, DCE and LVN for type conflicts.3ae8da0 : ART: Fix invalid access and DCHECK in verifier e290896 : Require mutator lock for Delete Local Ref b91205e : ART: Fix streaming tracing issues 1ff04ab : ART: Bail out immediately on try/catch a1935c4 : MIPS: Initial version of optimizing compiler for MIPS64R6.811cfdd : Re-enable run-test 449-checker-bce on MIPS64.

242ae94 : ART: Change the stack dump format to be in line with debuggerd d021e16 : ART: Fix Quick/Optimizing suspend check assumption mismatch.ad80568 : ART: Only print stripped dex2oat command line 88802ca : ART: Fix k Everything compiler filter 92aec6e : ART: Reset runtime_throw_failure flag 6415013 : ART: Reset runtime_throw_failure flag 005deb0 : ART: Set methods to preverified in verify-none 9206789 : Hard-fail get-/put-object to a non-reference field.20d60dd : Only do some checks when compiling against the core image.bfbb72e : Don't check code pointer for proxies in Art Method:: Get Quick Frame Info 3387f39 : Get non proxy method for Stack Dump Visitor 030f2af : Reduce space filter threshold to 128.22552df : ART: Boolean simplifier fix 3b7660d : ART: DCE should know that array-length can throw NPE 9f66589 : Fix cfi information for x86.

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