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I really would like to hear the opinion of an expert about this.To my knowledge the physiological basis for muscular hypertrophy can be basically seen in microtrauma, thus the strain on muscoskeletal apparatus is determinant of the amount of mass gain.To my understanding the aim in gaining muscle mass as said before ist maximising the time under tension.Maximising the effect on hypertrophy considering the physiological basis mentioned before therefore means having a load sufficient enough to challenge the muscle on the whole while keeping the time under load maximal to exhaust it.Our next innovation is a Matrix Calculator with complex numbers!I was sent here by a friend that could not answer this question.This is the reason why most of the hypertrophic response gets generated in the excentric phase of the movement with declining ability of the sarcomeres to counterwork the forces on passive muscular elements.

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It is to note that the actual force on the sarcolemma is important for the hypertrophic response and this is increased with muscular failure due to shortcomings in energy supply (ATP) / loss of intra/intermuscular coordination.All the basic matrix operations and methods that use matrices for solving systems of simultaneous linear equations are implemented here in our matrix calculator.For methods and operations that require complicated calculations a 'very detailed solution' feature has been made.Is it correct you experience optimal gains with this program?To my recent understanding it could not be that simple.

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