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Two Naval corpsmen have been removed from duty after images of them messing around with newborn babies emerged online.

South Western Ambulance Service said that they had seen a jump in call-outs over the snow-hit weekend.

On Sunday, paramedics were called to almost 130 incidents – a 45 per cent jump compared to the same day last year.

Images originally uploaded to Snapchat but later shared on Facebook by concerned recipients shows one of the women flipping off a baby with the caption 'How I currently feel about these mini Satans.'A second photo shows another staffer holding a baby by the arms and is taken from a video in which she makes the child 'dance' to 50 Cent song In Da Club.

Two corpsmen have been removed from duty at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, in Florida, after uploading images of themselves messing around with newborns to Snapchat.

The woman can then be seen holding the child, reported to be just hours old by Fox 30, under each arm.

Participants were split into four groups: nurses, other healthcare professionals – including doctors, dentists and physiotherapists, unregistered care workers and people employed in non health-related jobs.

“We are a group of people who drive our own 4x4s and want to support the community.

Everyone who drives a 4x4 often gets a call to say, ‘Freya, could you help my wife get to work? “We train together and work hard with other partner agencies so that when these things do happen – because we never know when they’re coming – we’re all ready to help and support as quickly as possible.” On Sunday night the Wessex 4x4 Response volunteers were on standby to help drivers from Freewheelers, another volunteer group that transports blood between hospitals across the UK.

This image was taken from a video that shows the staffer making the baby 'dance' to a 50 Cent song The women were originally reported to be Navy nurses, but a statement from the hospital has since clarified that they are junior corpsmen.

In the video the staffer can be seen laughing and joking with someone behind the camera who can be heard saying 'we're going to hell'.

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