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He wasn't cast as Superman when the fake Keram posted that fanfic about Jake flying from London to Ireland fro the alleged trysts which would have been in 2008.If Star had pics that would have posted them, rags don't care anymore, remember John Edwards?What will make the alleged pics go bye-bye from Stars vaults in 2013 if they are holding on to them. And next time remember your original fanfic "Keram"CCTV cameras are security cameras which means that they were caught on camera in a hotel in London which "Keram" never mentioned in the original bit, I mean Keram would have known about the pics and that the hotel sold them to a rag wouldn't he? Nobody would have cared if Henry was recast and the other pics of Henry that suddenly disappeared from the net for the most part was more of a problem I would think and even those aren't all gone.I remember "Keram" saying Jake flew to Ireland for the fling, now "he" says it was London, or maybe both although that wasn't mentioned at the time. The rest of the shit posted isn't gossip just made up shit that can't be proved like Cruise hitting on the Situation, we know he is crazy but we also know that he never hits on other celebs, major fail.This Keram is a fangirl from Jake's online fandom and one that doesn't remember what she spun the last time.The rest of the crap posted is crap she got from other sources. If it was in London wouldn't it have been a BBC camera?Keram knows that Ryan Reynolds has fallen into a disturbing depression following the failure of both his marriage to Scarlett Johansson as well as both of his latest leading-role films, and is starting to act out through alcohol overuse.Keram knows that his handlers are flailing left and right to keep this news out of the press.

Also the other Cavill pics with Henry and his gay pals were suggestive enough, I saw them.

R4, Bomer's background was comparable to Brandon Routh's at the time he was cast - mainly soaps and mainly known only to 'frauen.

The fact that he was up for the role certainly wasn't limited to the sphere of After Elton and gay gossip Web sites; see link.

Btw you have a remarkable level of recall about old Keram rumors for someone who's immediately decided the current batch are bullshit, never mind that the writing style is clearly the same as the last batch of Keram posts.[quote]If Star had pics that would have posted them, rags don't care anymore, remember John Edwards? The tabloids steer VERY clear of gay rumors, even today, unless there's an absolutely overwhelming amount of evidence, e.g. Hypocritical politicians, however, are fair game, just as they've always been; do you not remember how the Enquirer derailed Gary Hart's presidential campaign way back in the '80s? If it was in London wouldn't it have been a BBC camera?

..there went your last shred of credibility: I used to *live* in London, and "CCTV" is the term EVERYONE uses to describe closed-circuit cameras -- which btw are installed nearly *everywhere* in Central London, both by private merchants and the city government alike, for security purposes.

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